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My Sleeping Brain Knows The Truth About Aquaman

I know bookcases full of books exist about dream interpretation. Sometimes a dream has meaning or something your subconscious needs you to know. However, some dreams are a side effect of your short-term memory transferring to your long-term memories. This is one of those dreams.

My dream begins with an awkward holiday party at my high school French teacher’s house. Surprisingly, a modern-day setting and not a high school dream. [*Yesterday I watched a YouTube video of David Sedaris talking about Americans speaking French with American accents. We used to drive our French teacher nuts with our Chicago accents infecting our French inflections.]

Gifts are hidden sending us on a scavenger hunt. Taped to a nutcracker, I find the first gift. [*I mentioned to my co-worker how The Nutcracker and the Four Realms remains on my “to watch” list of movies.]

We’re waiting for a couple people to arrive, one of which is Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband. [*This comes from listening to her on ID10T (formerly Nerdist) podcast. The first podcast Chris Hardwick posted since the unpleasantness with his ex-girlfriend.]

The dream continues with usual holiday shenanigans while I keep waiting for people to arrive to make the party less awkward. Someone comes in and says that I probably shouldn’t have left my phone charging in the car because someone might break in and steal it. I go outside to retrieve it.

While I’m out at the car, a partygoer comes up to me. I look up to see Vincent Chase standing before me inquiring if he can ask me out. I say, “of course.” He thinks we should go now, but I content that it would be rude to leave the party. I give him my number, and we head back in.

My brain is funny. Vincent Chase is from HBO’s Entourage. Not the actor who plays him, Adrian Grenier, but the character was the one who appeared in my dream. I have not watched Entourage recently. I don’t have any attraction to the actor or the character. He’s not my type. I do have a type, and you can see that on a Pinterest board I have called “Yes, Please.”

When I woke up, I sat in bed trying to think why on Earth he made a cameo and then it hit me. I watched a trailer for Aquaman yesterday.

If you watched Entourage, you should get the joke. For those that haven’t, in Season 3 James Cameron directs an Aquaman movie and casts Vinnie as the lead. Below is the movie clip they made for the show.

My brain saw Jason Momoa and translated it to the one true Aquaman.

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